Song House is the home of Jennifer Noble and collaborators

Jennifer Noble is a songwriter-singer who specializes in deep lyrics and memorable, rich melodies.  Her music has been described as “Carole King meets Adele”.  A singer’s singer, she has a wide musical range and a deep understanding of the human condition in all its eccentricity and nuance. 

Co-writers include writer and multi-instrumentalists Howie Moscovitch and Bryant Didier, writers Kevin Nelson, Eddie Wilson, Jan Buckingham, Annette Barkley,  performers Melissa Megan, Billy Dawson and Laila Barakat.

She has written, co-produced and released original music including “For As Long As We Both Shall Live”, fronted & written with the Foxrun Band & Three Stand Out "This Game of Life" (Timothy Chipman, Greg Hambleton, J. Noble), charting on A/C stations across Canada.  She was a vocalist with Crazy Leggs and Feast of Friends, sang bg’s for Liberty Silver, Coconut Groove, Nura and others. “Question Marks” was placed in Doe-Eye Media Productions’ “Made in Canada” documentary about the film and TV business in Canada.



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